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    Based in Huntington Beach, we aim to provide our clients with the best solutions possible in relations to their accounting and business management software and Internet needs. Our philosophy revolves around providing solutions, service, and support that exceed your expectations.  By utilizing new technology we help companies in a variety of industries to automate their process, become more efficient and improve their bottom line.  We do this by offering expertise in the following areas:

    Accounting Software and Support
    We have an excellent reputation as a MAS90 and MAS200 authorized reseller and consultant.  For the past twelve years we have been installing, implementing, training and supporting a variety of companies using MAS90 and MAS200.  End users of this product consist of small to medium sized companies in an assortment of industries. We are dedicated to providing superior quality business computing solutions, which result in improved productivity and profitability for our clients.

    Controller Services
    Many of our clients have found it more cost-effective to out source their controller needs.  A full-time Controller in a small to mid sized company can be expensive and may not be necessary.  That is why we decided to provide the option to have an outside controller come in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to work with the bookkeepers/accounting clerks to generate financial statements and reports. Clients that have decided to implement this solution are very pleased with their results in reference to the reduction in costs and quality of performance.

    Contact Management Software
    To achieve complete office automation many companies desire powerful contact management software for their sales force. The ability to link this software to their accounting system can really increase the power of their business computing solution.  We specialize in Goldmine and Telemagic which both have links to MAS90 and MAS200.

    When it comes to Novell, Windows, NT, Unix and LAN or WAN, we offer  complete accounting/data-processing solutions. We also specialize in setting up networks.  From providing the actual server and work stations, to setting them up, and even handling the cabling if necessary.  In addition to setting up the network we have consultants on staff that are experts at the different operating systems to assist you when you may need support.   

    Using the Internet as a business tool will allow you to save money and improve efficiency.  Having Business to Business e-commerce capabilities are needs that companies are facing today. We are also Internet Service Providers, which gives us the capability to service all your Internet needs as well. We can provide dial-upaccess, web hosting, ADSL access, and T-1 frame connections.  The opportunities that come with the Internet are endless, and we want to help you discover and implement them.  Watch your profit margins grow as you automate your communications and make a presence on the world wide web.

    Web Hosting / Design
    With the Internet evolving as one of the necessary tools for businesses today, we are able to help our clients maintain a competitive edge.  Not only are we in the business of hosting web sites, we are also designing them.  We would love to come visit you and discuss your web strategy and what necessary steps must be taken. We also have the resources available to set you up for E-commerce capabilities. This means not only can you advertise your business on the web, but you can also perform business transactions like taking orders, processing them and even having your system updated with the information.   

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