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    Hosting. Design.
    Web site hosting and design is AIT's number one mission. We strive for the highest reliability and speed. Mission-critical Web sites, based on industry-leading technologies such as Internet-access by Best, Inc., Miva Merchant by Miva, Inc. and Commerce Court by Inex,Inc. give our customers the competitive advantage they need in the internet global marketplace. 


    Web Site Type

    Monthly Fee

    1 Year Prepay*

    Hits per Month

    Basic Web



    Under 10,000

    Mid Volume Web



    10,000 - 30,000

    High Volume Web

    Please Contact Us

    Please Contact Us


    Basic E-Commerce Web

    (includes secure certificate)


    Under 10,000

    High Volume E-Commerce Web

    Please Contact Us

    Please Contact Us


    *Yearly Web Site Hosting cannot be paid via credit card, personal and company checks gladly accepted.
    Click here if you are interested in web site hosting.

    Expertise. Manageability. Details.
    AIT believes that Web sites must be managed, not just hosted. That is the reason we provide all of our customers a comprehensive site analysis each month. Webmasters or non technical managers agree our web trends(tm) information is easy to read and provides the revelant information needed to manage their Web site. 

    With these and many other tools, AIT will help your company with its computer and web based technologies. Hundreds of companies count on AIT for their internet solutions, you can too.

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